Second visit – a photo diary

Last Friday, we visited Jaz again. The progress she had made during the three days we hadn’t seen her was amazing! Her vision was much better, and she was walking around much more steadily. Here’s a summary, in pictures:

“Hey, I remember you! What’s that black thing you have there?”

“Camera strap… lots of fun to play with!”

“Grrr! Do I look fierce, or what?!”

“Wow – this is pretty high!”

“I’m starting to like this guy!”

“I only wish he would stop pointing that scary camera at me.”

“Maybe it’ll go away if I ignore it…”

“Nope. There it is again!”

“Oh well… I’m quite comfy over here.”

“Starting to feel a little sleepy, actually…”

“Gotta keep an eye out to make sure that camera doesn’t creep up on me!”

“I give up…”

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