Time to strip!

It has been shamefully long since my last blog post. We have been busy juggling work, school, Jaz, and, since November 1st… Jaz’s grandparents! They are staying with us for a couple of weeks to enjoy puppydom while it lasts. It has been great having two extra pairs of eyes to watch Jaz, and puppy very much enjoys the extra attention as well.

So far, Jaz has been walking around cute-as-can-be, sporting her big-girl haircut. However, all good things must come to an end. For her wire coat to come through properly, the entire undercoat must be hand-stripped. This meant a visit to the breeder and some hand-stripping lessons for mommy. Judy showed me how to do it (thanks, grandpa, for bringing your camera!):“But I like my leg warmers…”

“Really? The ears too…?”

“One leg half-done. Three-and-a-half to go. Mom’s got her work cut out for her!”

I finished the job at home (kudos to grandma for helping Jaz pose!):

No more fluffy leg-hairs. You can actually see her toes (the toughest part to strip) and nails (which I shortened with my new nail grinder)! Not to worry; it’ll all grow back. We can already see some of the wire come through. It’s a lovely shade of red. Quite a bit deeper than the shade she has now!

I decided to leave the facial hair on a little longer, but you might want to say goodbye to it while you still can…