The Three Musketeers

As you all know, Jaz went to the vet for her last set of vaccinations this past Friday. The weather forecast for the weekend was looking good, knowing that Jaz would be fully protected was even better, but the prospect of finally being able to take her out into the park behind our yard was definitely the best! So we walked into that exam room with smiles from ear to ear, bursting with excitement… until the vet told us we needed to wait another five days for the vaccine to take effect. … *thump* … Our eyes, which sparkled with anticipation just a few seconds ago, suddenly went dull. How foolish of us to expect Jaz to be ‘good-to-go’ right away. Five more days?! But it was going to rain on Wednesday..! Oh well. We would just have to sit back and wait a couple more days. We sure weren’t going to risk anything. And poor Jaz didn’t know any better.

Luckily, Jaz’s friends Pumpkin and Daisy stopped by on Sunday for some backyard fun. The three of them are adorable together. They are all about the same age and size (which we’ll have to cherish as long as it lasts, because Pumpkin’s legs seem to be sprouting like beanstalks!), but these, as well as their boundless energy, seem to be the only features they share.

Here are some pictures of the three musketeers in action:Jaz and Daisy, cutting across…

Jaz attempting to ambush Pumpkin

Zooming around aimlessly… “This is AWESOME!”