Then & now: four weeks

It was exactly a year ago today, that we first met Jaz. (Take a trip down memory lane!) Only four weeks old and without any teeth, she tried to bite my fingers in protest when I rubbed her bum. Although she has plenty of teeth now, she’ll merely go all wiggly when I try to do the same…
I cannot believe it’s been over a year. Oh, how this little rascal has changed our lives!

anniversary_2-blogThen: September 13, 2011, four weeks old. Now: September 13, 2012, 1 year later, many inches taller!

4 thoughts on “Then & now: four weeks

  1. Wat een leuke foto. En wat heb je je best gedaan om exactly the same te zijn. Jaz niet natuurlijk, die is behoorlijk gegroeid. Geef ze een knuffel van me.

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