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“Oh, hi there! Don’t mind me as I skip across your screen. I had the most fabulous time last weekend with my mom and dad. The weather was just perfect, and the view wasn’t too shabby either, as you may be able to tell from this picture:”

“Mom’s really busy with school at the moment, so I’m doing what any good Lakeland terrier would do; I’m pitching in. My ancestors were real working terriers, you know. And if you ask me, it’s about time I took matters into my own hands. This blog is supposed to be all about me, and now you finally get to hear things from the horse’s mouth. –Er, dog’s mouth!–“

“…where to begin? Mom and dad got me these new treats that taste like rabbit, and I love them! We have a cool new game called the ‘ready’-game where I stand and wait, all fours on the mat at the front door, looking up at my dad. Dad will say “rrrrrrrready?” and send a treat flying across the living-room floor, after which I get to chase it. Sometimes I can’t find the treat, in which case dad will help me out. But mostly I just pretend to be unable to find them because I like to watch him crawl around on all fours–those are true bonding moments for the two of us!”

“Oh, and how do you like my new custom collar? It’s my ‘big-girl-collar’ as mom likes to call it. I’m more than 18 months old now, which means I’m full-grown. But really it means I get to have all sorts of fancy stuff. I asked mom and dad for pink rhinestones, but they decided on plain white stones and steel studs. –I know, I know… we need to work on that!– We got the collar with a matching leash (which I’ll have to model for you later) at this cool place downtown. It’s one of my favorite places to shop, as I get to run around off-leash and harass the doggies that work there.”

“Pfew. I never knew this typing-stuff was so difficult and tiring. Mom and dad do it all day. Their paws must be so sore! Anyway. I gotta go chase the cats now. Take care!
Yours truly,

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  1. Hi, wondering where you bought your Lakeland? Ive been wanting to add one to our family but finding it difficult to find breeders in BC. Your dog is adorable and I enjoy your blog. I look forward to hearing from you. (can you email me?). thanks, Janet

  2. I was forwarded to your blog after doing a little digging around on the web looking at lakeland terriers and i’d like to say its a wonderful blog. Theres nothing more i want in the world than a purebred lakie and i was wondering if you could send me some contact info to your breeder or any other good breeders you’ve come across. I live in alberta so getting a pup out of BC is very much possible. Thanks and give jaz a hello from across the rockies.

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