Hip Hip Hurray!

Jaz turned 2 today!

Quilchena Park
“Let’s do it!”

To celebrate this milestone in Jaz’s life, we started the day off with a little adventure. We decided to check out some place new; Quilchena Park. We’ve driven past this park numerous times, and said to each other “We should take Jaz here one day.” Turns out that day was today.

At the park we soaked up the sun, ran circles like crazy people dogs, rolled around in the grass, and played Jaz’s favourite game: TUG!

Quilchena Park
 All grace goes out the window when Jaz finds a fresh, cool patch of grass (click here for video evidence from last year)!

Quilchena Park
“Tug Jaz, tuuuuuug!” She doesn’t mind us resting for a bit. As long as someone is willing to hold on to the other end of her favourite toy, Jaz will do the rest. And as you can see, she always keeps an eye on the surroundings, like any good terrier would 😉

Back home, it was time to make some preparations for Jaz’s ‘party’ at daycare tomorrow. I baked treats for all her furry friends!

They’re dog-cookies, but they looked and smelled so good that even I was tempted…!

… which is not that strange; just look at those yummy ingredients! Banana and peanut butter for flavour, and parsley for fresh breath. (I used an altered version of this recipe.)

Now that we were all set for tomorrow, dinnertime was approaching fast. And because Jaz had been such a good girl all day, patiently sitting through all the yummy smells coming from the kitchen without being allowed to have any of it –Okay. I lied. She may have had a piece or two. I mean… I had to make sure the cookies were good, right?!–, we decided Jaz could have her birthday (cup)cake for dinner:

Yes, really. A true birthday (cup)cake!

Don’t worry; it’s meant for dogs. You’ve gotta love North America; they make the craziest things here! You think it, someone makes it. You don’t think it, someone makes that as well. Awesomeness!

It’s a PUPcake! Lamb liver, oats, eggs, peanut butter and yoghurt…? Not your usual cupcake!

“Happy Birthday, Jaz! Make a wish!”

***Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. Professional stunt-Lakelands were used. No Lakelands got harmed during the presenting and feeding of the pupcake. The candles were blown out before beards could go up in flames, and the candles were completely removed prior to the consuming of the cake. To prevent tummy aches, only part of the cake was fed.***

2 thoughts on “Hip Hip Hurray!

  1. Hi, my wife and I want to purchase a lakeland terrier puppy and wonder if you know any reliable breeders/shops in Vancouver? I tried looking up craigslist and Kijiji but not sure if they are reliable.

    Any advices are much appreciated.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Desmond! How exciting, looking for a puppy. I would strongly advise against purchasing a puppy from a pet store or a random person on craigslist, as the puppies may come from some puppy mill, which should not be encouraged. I will send you an email with breeder info.
      Thanks for checking out our blog, please keep us in the loop if you end up adding a lakeland to your family!

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