Roughing it up terrier-style!

The exchange of a very meaningful look...Jaz: “C’mon Carl, gimme that ball!”
Carl: “I don’t think so, missy…”

A few months ago, Jaz met this Welsh terrier puppy named Carl. You may remember me briefly mentioning him here. Well, Carl and Jaz finally met up for some playtime last week. Carl is about a month younger than Jaz, and they make the most hilarious couple. We dropped both of them in the yard with some toys, and they roughed it up terrier-style! The victim of the day was a colourful catfish squeaky…

Jaz and her new buddy Carl, best friends forever! Look at those cute faces!

Together, they would go round and round:

Going round and round and round together...
Carl still manages to find time to look at the camera. Nice multitasking, buddy!

Come and get it, Carl!
Jaz takes the lead…

Tug-of-war... it's on!
…but Carl is a little stronger when it comes to tug-of-war, Jaz’ favourite game!

Tired terrier bums!
Carl: “Boy, all this running around is tiring!

Taking a little breather under the rhodos
Taking a breather under the rhodos…

See you next time Carl, thanks for playing!
Thanks for playing, Carl! See you next time!