Playing fetch and making new friends

Jaz is little over thirteen weeks now, and has learned a few valuable lessons…

The first one being that a game of fetch can be a lot of fun:
[quicktime width=”359″ height=”640″][/quicktime]

The second one being that making friends can be tough. Even though it took Jaz herself only 20 minutes to warm up to the other puppies at puppy preschool, she is learning that it is not always that easy.
Becoming friends with a cat, for instance, requires some extra effort. And Jaz sure has been trying hard:
[quicktime width=”480″ height=”270″][/quicktime]

With cats, though, patience is key. Looking out the window together is the closest she’s able to get for now:

Who would have thought…

… that everything would be this zen around here?!?

Fall has arrived, and our yard is a mystical place:
[quicktime width=”480″ height=”270″][/quicktime]

But the mystique is not limited to the outside. It has begun to permeate through the walls, into the house; cat and dog (voluntarily!) sharing the same space:
[quicktime width=”358″ height=”640″][/quicktime]

Happy Halloween, everyone!

What a week!

Jaz is almost 10 weeks old, and boy is she ever busy doing puppy-stuff! Last week, we took her to the vet to get to know everyone, create some good memories (no needles, just pets!), step on a scale and open up her very own file. Lots of playing, peeing, pigging out and power naps later, a week had passed… time flies as we see her grow and develop every day:

Computer lessons with daddy…

Who knew playing could be this exhausting! … Do you think I have enough toys?

*SMILE*  Showing off those pearly whites…!

[quicktime width=”480″ height=”270″][/quicktime]Napping in the sun… life is good!

On Thursday, Jaz slept in her crate in the kitchen for the first time (as opposed to the bedroom), all by herself, from 11.30pm to 6am. Pretty impressive for such a little girl! I’m sure the cats checked up on her from time to time… they seem mesmerized (Nana especially), watching her every move.

Then yesterday it was time to revisit the vet for worming and a photo-op. Her picture is now on file, and she received her honorary bandana. Good thing we had introduced her to a collar earlier this week, otherwise she would have ripped the bandana apart on the spot!

…being a good girl, getting used to my new martingale collar…

And then today we visited the breeder to hang out (Jaz had a lot of fun playing with London) and to get her ears glued. Her ears are very nicely positioned already, but as the teething continues, most of the calcium in the body is being used to form teeth, rather than staying in the cartilage of the ear. To attain proper ear carriage, the ears are glued between 8 and 16 weeks. This is common for most terrier breeds. Common or not, Jaz thought it was very strange…

On the table, ready to get glued… well, maybe not so ready after all… why are we doing this again???

Seriously, mom?! You’re making me go out looking like this?

I look badly injured… maybe this stupid headgear can help me earn some treats…

Being a Lakeland terrier is no joke! Time for some beauty rest.

Are you ready?

… Because we sure are! Jaz is coming home with us tomorrow, and we cannot wait! Everything is set up here:

Dog crate (we also have a cute donut bed for Jaz, but we cannot put it out yet, because the cats will claim it for themselves): check!

Water bowl (there is a matching food bowl waiting in the cupboard next to it): check!

DIY gate to prevent puppy from falling down the stairs (looks great, hubby!): check! 

Warm slip-on shoes to take Jaz outside whenever she needs to go potty (yeah, I know… not very fashionable…): check!

Big yard to poop and play in: check!

Poop bags and disinfecting wipes to clean up any messes: check! 

Two big sisters on the lookout for little Jaz: check!

And of course there are plenty of toys… We will report back to you on those once they’ve seen some action!

I’m not sure when I will post next, because Jaz will be taking up most of our time, I’m sure. But we’ll try not to forget to snap a picture here and there… and of course we will tape the cats’ first impressions. Nana and Bibi have been debating the issue for weeks now, and it’ll be interesting to see what the verdict is once they meet Jaz.


Bibi: “What do you think                          Nana: *sigh*
           about Jaz, Nan?”


Ssssssh! Mother and daughter are sleeping in today. Try to quietly tip-toe around them, so you won’t wake them up…

It has been an exhaustingly relaxing week in Belcarra. Lots of eating, sleeping, pooping and wiggling around. Now that puppy is able to use her paws a little better, I’m imagining her and London high-fiving each other from time to time: “Good job on finding that nipple! High-five!” … “You pooped in the corner of the pen instead of on our blanket! High-five to making progress!” … Essential baby-steps towards becoming a well-raised puppy, I’m sure. What I’m not sure about, however, is whether puppy has opened her eyes yet, which should be the next major milestone on the calendar. I’ve contacted Judy to find out. And, as always, I will let you know once I hear back from her.

Now for some administrative announcements (aka: the boring stuff)…

I know, I know… it’s been quiet out here the past week! That doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting still, though. You might have noticed the new (and much improved, if I may say so myself) layout of this blog. Please note that the dog in the picture used as the header is Nico, proud father of our little pup. Once we get to visit the puppy around week 4, we’re planning on taking a few high-quality pictures, one of which will hopefully be suitable to use as a new header.

Apart from that, my husband and I are still reading up on Lakeland terrier and puppy stuff. The Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete is on the nightstand at the moment, a gift from puppy’s future grandpa. As for the other members of our family, both kitties are clueless as to what the future has in store for them. Little do they know that this wonderful peace an quiet might come to an end real soon…