Like pulling teeth

Zzzzzz…. zzzz… zzz… zz… z… oh! I didn’t see you there… Hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long!

I am aware that we have been MIA in the blogosphere for quite some time. But we are back! And no, unlike the picture above might lead you to think, we haven’t just been doing SFA! Get comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and let me catch you up on all that has happened since mid-January…

As Jaz was happily rolling around in the snow (which, sadly, only lasted about a week), leaving a trail of bloody marks on all of her toys as she was still teething, I noticed that her upper adult canines were coming in alongside her baby ones. In fact, the baby canines seemed still firmly in place, not letting the adult teeth come in properly. So we took Jaz to the vet, and he recommended pulling the baby canines. If we left the baby teeth in, they might prevent the adult teeth from coming in in the right place. And if that were to happen, we’d have to have the adult teeth pulled at some point down the road.

Thus, towards the end of January, our little pup had to go under full anesthesia to have her canines pulled. It was amazing, though, how quickly she bounced back. The day after the procedure, Jaz was back to her old self, destroying her toys, taunting the cats and leaving more bloody marks (try telling a puppy that just had oral surgery not to chew on anything… yup… a lost cause).

As it turned out, we made the right decision by having her baby canines pulled. The picture below shows the teeth I managed to collect (finders, keepers! except for the canines, which were courtesy of the vet). You see those two long canines? Those were Jaz’ upper canines, of which the roots hadn’t dissolved yet. They had settled quite comfortably in Jaz’ mouth, and sure weren’t planning on going anywhere. It was such a relief to know we didn’t put our baby through all of that for nothing. These canines had to come out, because otherwise they would definitely have ruined her adult bite.

Quite the collection of pearly whites!

It was a good thing that Jaz bounced right back after the surgery, because February was going to be a big month for her. Jaz needed to get plucked, polished and primped for her upcoming shows. The breeder had arranged for her to participate on two occasions that month: the weekend of February the 18th in Chilliwack and the weekend of February the 25th in Cloverdale. Our still very shaggy looking dog (for I was only keeping up her flats (i.e. the parts were the hair is shortest on the head and the bum) at that time) was transformed into this skinny but streamlined looking Lakeland:

Our little pup looks so grown-up!

She participated in both shows, and although she didn’t get any group placements, she did place 1st in Chilliwack and 4th in Cloverdale in the puppy sweepstakes. We have it all on video, which brings me to a small administrative announcement: we started our own YouTube channel called “LakieLoveVids”! Not only does this allow for easy uploading and higher quality of the video material, but it also allows you to watch the videos on your phones and tablets. You can find us @ or by clicking on the YouTube link in the sidebar (just off to your right —>), where you can watch all the videos we took of Jaz’ shows as well as some random fun clips we took of her.
See the video below, for example, which shows Jaz playing at the dog park, stealing a stick from a Schnauzer twice her size called Stella… Cheeky!

The quality is pretty good, right?
Now back to catching up…

After the last show at the end of February, Jaz was done teething. I found no more bloody marks on her toys, and she was happily eating her kibble without the need for us to soften it up with warm water. You’d think we were out of the woodworks… but nothing was father from the truth. Once Jaz was done bleeding from one end, she started bleeding from the other. Oh, the joys of womanhood!

“Be honest… do these pants make me look fat?”

At approximately seven months, Jaz came in season/heat for the first time. Unlike us humans, dogs only have their period once or twice a year (depending on their size) and it lasts around 3 to 4 weeks. And, much like humans, Jaz was not a happy camper while on her period. She was a little grumpy and seemed very tired, especially the first few days.

Still being a puppy complicated things as well, because the second day she wore her girl-pants, she peed in them! I was upstairs when it happened (of course! that’s always how these things go), only to find a hysteric dog in wet pants and a racetrack in the living room composed of drops of pee when I came downstairs… Needless to say, this was the first and last time it happened. Jaz decided that wet pants were no fun at all, and we decided to give Jaz extra potty-breaks. I read up on the subject, and as it turns out, a dog in heat has to pee more often than usual, let alone a puppy!

It took some getting used to, but after the first week Jaz had accepted her pants and her behaviour was pretty much back to normal. I gave her a break and refrained from grooming her during this time, as you can tell from the next picture:

Relaxing in the last rays of afternoon sun.

A showdog, however, never gets to rest for long, even when she is in season. Two weeks into her period, we had to get our asses back in gear as far as grooming was concerned, because we had another show planned April 7-9. The show was in Chilliwack again, but this time it was much bigger. More than 800 dogs participated over the Easter long weekend. We didn’t win anything, because the competition was plenty as well as proficient, but we did have a lot of fun (the clips will be uploaded to our YouTube channel in the next few days). I handled Jaz myself for the first time (which might have also lessened her chances at winning… I hadn’t had any training whatsoever, and being a dog handler is not as easy as it may look!).

We might not have come home with a pretty ribbon, but we did come home with many compliments. Everyone keeps telling me how promising she looks, and how, once she matures some more (she is still very juvenile-looking at the moment), Jaz will do extremely well. Quite exciting, although we don’t mind if she doesn’t win anything… she’ll always be the prettiest dog in our eyes! 😉


Jaz is going on a little trip to the vet’s office today to receive her final set of shots, which means that we’ll be venturing outside the backyard later this weekend…!

What a week!

Jaz is almost 10 weeks old, and boy is she ever busy doing puppy-stuff! Last week, we took her to the vet to get to know everyone, create some good memories (no needles, just pets!), step on a scale and open up her very own file. Lots of playing, peeing, pigging out and power naps later, a week had passed… time flies as we see her grow and develop every day:

Computer lessons with daddy…

Who knew playing could be this exhausting! … Do you think I have enough toys?

*SMILE*  Showing off those pearly whites…!

[quicktime width=”480″ height=”270″][/quicktime]Napping in the sun… life is good!

On Thursday, Jaz slept in her crate in the kitchen for the first time (as opposed to the bedroom), all by herself, from 11.30pm to 6am. Pretty impressive for such a little girl! I’m sure the cats checked up on her from time to time… they seem mesmerized (Nana especially), watching her every move.

Then yesterday it was time to revisit the vet for worming and a photo-op. Her picture is now on file, and she received her honorary bandana. Good thing we had introduced her to a collar earlier this week, otherwise she would have ripped the bandana apart on the spot!

…being a good girl, getting used to my new martingale collar…

And then today we visited the breeder to hang out (Jaz had a lot of fun playing with London) and to get her ears glued. Her ears are very nicely positioned already, but as the teething continues, most of the calcium in the body is being used to form teeth, rather than staying in the cartilage of the ear. To attain proper ear carriage, the ears are glued between 8 and 16 weeks. This is common for most terrier breeds. Common or not, Jaz thought it was very strange…

On the table, ready to get glued… well, maybe not so ready after all… why are we doing this again???

Seriously, mom?! You’re making me go out looking like this?

I look badly injured… maybe this stupid headgear can help me earn some treats…

Being a Lakeland terrier is no joke! Time for some beauty rest.

Are you ready?

… Because we sure are! Jaz is coming home with us tomorrow, and we cannot wait! Everything is set up here:

Dog crate (we also have a cute donut bed for Jaz, but we cannot put it out yet, because the cats will claim it for themselves): check!

Water bowl (there is a matching food bowl waiting in the cupboard next to it): check!

DIY gate to prevent puppy from falling down the stairs (looks great, hubby!): check! 

Warm slip-on shoes to take Jaz outside whenever she needs to go potty (yeah, I know… not very fashionable…): check!

Big yard to poop and play in: check!

Poop bags and disinfecting wipes to clean up any messes: check! 

Two big sisters on the lookout for little Jaz: check!

And of course there are plenty of toys… We will report back to you on those once they’ve seen some action!

I’m not sure when I will post next, because Jaz will be taking up most of our time, I’m sure. But we’ll try not to forget to snap a picture here and there… and of course we will tape the cats’ first impressions. Nana and Bibi have been debating the issue for weeks now, and it’ll be interesting to see what the verdict is once they meet Jaz.


Bibi: “What do you think                          Nana: *sigh*
           about Jaz, Nan?”

Puppy calendar

These are exciting times we live in! Puppy is almost 4 weeks old now, which means we get to meet her in person soon. If all looks well during the meet-and-greet (i.e. if all necessary limbs are attached, if all sensory devices are working as they should and if puppy seems happy, healthy and enthusiastic), we will agree to take puppy home with us (after mommy London is done with the basic dog-to-dog training, when puppy is around 8 weeks old), and will vow to take care of her for as long as we all shall live.

Exciting as this may sound, there’s mucho work to do in the meantime! Once we know for sure that puppy will become our puppy (at which time I will also reveal her name… can you hear the drumroll starting in the distance?), we need to catch a ride on the doggy bandwagon. I already have a shopping-list prepared. However, since there are about ten-thousand different types of dog crates, three-million types of food-bowls and an even larger number of dog beds out there, it’ll be quite the task to sift through them all and find the diamond-tipped needles in those haystacks!

The entire process is mind-boggling! Getting a puppy is no joke. I figured it would be nice to give you all a week-to-week overview (full credit for this idea goes to Andrea – thanks, A!) of what has happened and what is about to happen for puppy as well as for us:

Puppy: Cuddle up to mommy. Sleep. Eat. Pee. Sleep some more. Zzzz…
Us: Gawk at first picture. It’s a girl!

Puppy: Start to open eyes. Greet outside world. Hello! Make first attempts to stand up. Wow… Feeling pretty wobbly.
Us: Omg! Omg! Omg! It’s alive!!!

Puppy: Start walking and explore said world. Yay, toys! Take first steps outside the nest.
Us: Cannot wait to meet pup. The little movies Judy sends us are treasure and torture at the same time… anticipation grows by the second.

[This is where we are as I type this… at the end of week 3.]

Puppy: Discover that the world is your oyster; run, play & learn. Teeth start developing. Yum, solid food! Wait… who are these new people?
Us: Finally! Meet-and-greet! Name puppy! Must not forget to count limbs.

Puppy: Become less dependent on mum. Start socializing with humans. Get into mischief for the first time. Figure out that mischief is occasionally excused thanks to cuteness… hmmm… *revelation*
Us: Start shopping bonanza: 2 crates (one for home, one for travel), dog bed, outdoor run, height-adjustable food-bowl, toys (my favourite part!), leash, grooming supplies, grooming table, poop-bags… etc.

Puppy: Learn about social roles and and pecking order. Show toy who’s boss. Terrorize mommy against better judgement. Oops!
Us: Find a way to close-off stairwells in anticipation of little rascal…

Puppy: Plan great escape. Chase own tail. Fall asleep out of exhaustion.
Us: Try not to bite fingernails… get the last bits and pieces together… try to stay calm and collected… it’s just one more week!

Puppy: Move into new home & meet feline housemates. Hi! Huh…? Where did you guys go…?
Us: Keep puppy happy. Try to make cats feel less unhappy. Have someone on potty-duty at all times.

So. Now you know what happens when.
For those of you that have made it all the way down to these last sentences, I will thank you by means of a short video. Please enjoy watching mother and daughter interact: