It’s a dog’s life

Jaz sees another dog at a distance...
Chesterman beach, Tofino, BC… aka: Jaz’s beach!

Sometimes you just need to get out of the city. Sometimes, it’s time to trade your high heels for some sneakers, swap you reading glasses for sunglasses, tie your hair up into a ponytail, and go on a little adventure. (Or, if you’re a dog: you just get up and go already!) And this is exactly what we did last week. We packed our car full of supplies, changed into our comfy clothes, and took Jaz to Tofino for some care-free fun on the beach.

"Waaahaaaa!" I'm being silly!
“I’m on top of the world!” – Jaz acting silly during one of our hikes.

With it’s remote location, untouched nature reserves, and wide-stretched beaches, Tofino truly is a dog’s paradise. We meandered the beach for hours, while Jaz sniffed dead crabs, played with ginormous seaweeds, and chased sandpipers until her paws could carry her no more. We enjoyed lunch on patios (Jaz especially appreciated the genoa salami foccacia), toasted the sunset with champagne (well, just water for Jaz), and ate ‘breakfast’ at noon.

Chompin' on some seaweed
“Nom, nom, nom…” chompin’ on some seaweed.

The best of all was that we didn’t really ‘do’ anything. We just were. We slept, we ate, we walked, and we played. No agenda. No deadline. No expectations. Just a dog and its owners, enjoying each other’s company. There truly is no better way to be.

Jaz has a couch all to herself
Exhausted after playing on the beach all day…