Knock, knock…


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Annie who?
Annie-body home?

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Ketchup who?
Ketchup with me and it’ll become clear!

It’s been a while. But sometimes life gets in the way. It’s not just Jaz that wants an education, but also her mommy!
And although it may have been quiet around here, we’ve not been idle whatsoever. I may not have had time to write about grooming, training, or playing, but we’ve been doing all of it in real life… Let me catch you up on a few highlights:

– I wrote a piece for the UK Lakeland Terrier Club Yearbook, which I just found out has been published and the yearbook is available on their website! Very exciting! I will upload a copy of the article onto the blog soon, so you can read it if you don’t have access to the UKLTC Yearbook.

– We took Jaz out to the snow and to the beach in the same week:
Snow dogLooking sharp! Cypress Mountain, BC

Long beach, Tofino, BCWatching the sunset. Tofino, BC

– We’ve been taking more training classes at DOGSmart, doing all sorts of exercises: from not rushing through doors before mom and dad, to ignoring edible items that happen to lie on the ground, to cavaletti walking. Jaz has no idea what to expect next, nor do we; the trainers have kept us on our toes!

I really want to start agility of rally-o this year; we’ll have so much fun together!

How have you all been? Let’s talk Lakeland!

Daycare… doggy-style!

September is here. Vancouver’s rain-season has started, the temperatures have dropped, it’s getting dark out sooner and all the kids are back in school (including myself – LOL). With all the excitement of the summer months in our rearview mirror, it was time to introduce Jaz to a new challenge: doggy daycare!
We’ve been talking to our trainer (Cathie Timascheff) about how to improve Jaz’s skills and confidence out and about in the city. Don’t get me wrong; she’s doing fabulous, but there is always room for improvement! Although we have come a long way, Jaz is still hesitant from time to time when it comes to new people or dogs, especially if they look or act a bit different… in comes daycare!

Everybody is curious
Look at those curious faces… everybody was very eager to meet Jaz!

Although Jaz is great with her playmates (you’ve seen some of them pass by here, here, and here!), meeting new dogs is a different cup of tea altogether. For us, it would be difficult to provide a steady stream of new dogs for Jaz to meet. But at the daycare we’ve selected (make sure you’re picky!), Jaz will be ensured of meeting new dogs all the time, while being provided with a safe environment to do so by the skilled personnel.  We were hesitant at first, which is why Jaz has never been to daycare before. We simply weren’t sure whether we could trust any of these places; what if they managed to un-do all the hard work we had put in?! But some research and great references helped us make up our minds, and I must say… I think it’s a godsend!
At daycare, the dogs can socialize, but as soon as someone is no longer playing nice, or things get too heated, there will be someone there to take action. Play is interrupted from time to time to prevent any upheavals, and the dogs are given schedule down-time so no-one overexerts him/herself. There are two large rooms indoor: one for playing/lounging with lots of beds and toys, and the other filled with crates of various sizes, so the dogs can have their naps. On top of that, there’s also a large outdoor area, suitable for potty, play and sunbathing. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?!

Here’s what Jaz’s first impression looked like last Saturday:First impressions
Very clever: Jaz gets to dip her toes in the water before jumping in the deep end…

Jaz only stayed for two hours, because we wanted to ease her into it. All went well! After the initial meeting, which went surprisingly well, she had a ton of fun getting to know and playing with the other dogs. When we picked her up, everyone was lounging about and seemed very relaxed and comfortable. Jaz’s first time at doggy daycare was a great success! For consistency, we’ll be taking Jaz to daycare twice a week for the next couple of months. This will allow her to gain a lot of new experiences in a very short period of time, making her even more well-rounded than she already is! Plus, she’ll get some awesome playtime in!
Time to turn the tables: Have you ever contemplated taking your dog to daycare? Or has your dog been already? What was it like? Would you go back y/n?

Where the grass is greenest…

Like all good things, the summer of 2012 has to come to an end. And this summer happens to be the end of Jaz’s first ‘real’ summer, for she spent the end of the summer of 2011 hiding in London’s belly and lounging in her private puppy-pen. Oh, how different things were going to be outside! Jaz could have never imagined the vibrancy and variety of colours, smells, and sounds that were waiting just behind the french doors, ready to thrust themselves upon her with more and more force, as, through the revolution of the seasons, they came to a climax in the summer.

Ah, summer! Sweet, sweet summer… Whether it was racing around the yard, sunbathing on the doormat, or snacking on frozen, trout-stuffed Kongs, Jaz enjoyed every single second of it! Especially the grass. Soft, cool, tasty, fresh grass… Jaz would marry it if she could!

So… what is next? September will come knocking soon. Summer puppy-classes have ended. And we probably won’t be showing for a while. Or at least not as often. Jaz qualifies as an adult now, but we’ll have to wait until she matures a bit. Most Lakies continue to look somewhat juvenile until they turn 18 months old. Six months from now, Jaz will look like a different dog. Scary (I adore her cute puppy-face!) yet exciting (just picture little Jazzy all grown-up!) at the same time.

But none of this will manage to cast the slightest drizzle on our parade. I happen to love Vancouver in the fall! We’ll still be rolling around in the grass, which, thanks to the rain, will be even greener than it is now. We’ll also continue our obedience training, as this is a life-long commitment. And if time permits, there may be some rally obedience or agility classes on the horizon, because Jaz seems to pick things up rather quickly. She enjoys a good challenge, and so do we!

Happy 1st birthday, Jaz!

1 year old! Happy Birthday, Jaz!
Jaz has grown quite a bit! Then: August 16, 2011, only a few minutes old. Now: August 16, 2012, one year old.

It’s hard to believe, but a whole year has passed for our little pup. In fact, a little over a year ago, we weren’t even planning on getting a dog! But we happened to vacation close to the British Lake District that year, where one thing lead to another and before we knew it, the puppy count-down had started. 365 Days ago, Jaz was born, ready to get herself into all sorts of trouble we had no clue about!

Over the past year, Jaz has been doing a lot of barking and growling, a lot of snoozing, a lot of playing and has made a ton of new friends (see here, here and here). But it wasn’t all sunshine and roses, because she also got her ears glued, lost a few teeth, got (and still gets) her hairs pulled and came into season for the first time. Luckily, life eased the pain with a lot of great experiences such as playing in the snow for the first time, venturing out on the water, taking handling and obedience classes as well as allowing her to show herself off after all the hard work.

It has been a wonderful year, may there be many more! We love you!

Roughing it up terrier-style!

The exchange of a very meaningful look...Jaz: “C’mon Carl, gimme that ball!”
Carl: “I don’t think so, missy…”

A few months ago, Jaz met this Welsh terrier puppy named Carl. You may remember me briefly mentioning him here. Well, Carl and Jaz finally met up for some playtime last week. Carl is about a month younger than Jaz, and they make the most hilarious couple. We dropped both of them in the yard with some toys, and they roughed it up terrier-style! The victim of the day was a colourful catfish squeaky…

Jaz and her new buddy Carl, best friends forever! Look at those cute faces!

Together, they would go round and round:

Going round and round and round together...
Carl still manages to find time to look at the camera. Nice multitasking, buddy!

Come and get it, Carl!
Jaz takes the lead…

Tug-of-war... it's on!
…but Carl is a little stronger when it comes to tug-of-war, Jaz’ favourite game!

Tired terrier bums!
Carl: “Boy, all this running around is tiring!

Taking a little breather under the rhodos
Taking a breather under the rhodos…

See you next time Carl, thanks for playing!
Thanks for playing, Carl! See you next time!